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Padded Envelopes

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White Padded Envelopes

Our wide range of White Padded Envelopes manufactured by Featherpost are of the best quality you can find when it comes to Padded / Bubble Envelopes. We offer a higher discount depending on the amount of boxes you order of the envelopes.

These are very competitive in terms of price whilst offering extremely high quality. No problems whatsoever with the labels sticking to the envelopes which you can often find with other padded envelopes on the market. We have a high storage / stock of these meaning no problems in terms of supplies being delivered to you as and when you require the goods. Samples are always available on request.

The Padded Envelopes come in the following sizes:

A/000 14cm x 17.5cm
B/00 14cm x 22.5cm
C/0 17cm x 22.5cm
D/1 20cm x 27.5cm
E/2 24cm x 27.5cm
F/3 25cm x 34.5cm
G/4 26cm x 34.5cm
H/5 29cm x 37cm
J/6 32cm x 45.5cm
K/7 37cm x 48cm

Features of Padded Envelopes:

- Variety of sizes. 10 Different sizes to fit your ecommerce needs.
- Extremely strong exterior quality. No problems in transit.
- Bubble Lined Interior. Keeps items secure.
- Self Seal adhesive lip.
- Come in individual boxes. Easy for storage.
- The more you order the higher the discount.

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