About us

Parcel Pack is an eCommerce packaging and labels supplier.

We take pride in provided the best quality products at market beating prices.  We also make our customers a set of promises, these are:


  1. Ensure Orders are Shipped On-Time, Every Time

  2. Ensure we have the stock you need, Every Time

  3. Ensure we give you excellent value for money.  Every Time

We'd love to tell you more, if you have any questions please get in touch. 

We have strong ambitions for the business and our customers keep coming back to order more, so something must be right!

Both Mike and James have worked as couriers and seen first hand poor packaging, bags that tear easily, labels that don't stick or that peel off easily,  boxes that deteriorate easily and more.  And it's that first hand experience which helps us source the best quality of packaging product at Parcel Pack.

The business was set up to help businesses get more from their packaging.  Not just to supply cheap bags like a lot of businesses do in this sector.  With over 45 years of logistics and packaging experience between the two founders, Mike & James, we know a thing or two about the need for excellent ecommerce supply and packaging.



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